Waiting for sister #4!

Waiting for sister #4!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Incredible Hong Kong!!

In some ways it's hard to believe that this day actually happened! It's the kind of day that is really hard to describe to other people because it was so amazing. I feel like it was probably a life-changing day both for me and my girls to be able to see and experience what we did. It was so incredible to tour part of Hong Kong. My eyes were certainly opened and I know my girls were too! Our tour included going to a beach, going to a fishing village, going to a monestary with the biggest Buddha statue you can even believe, and then riding on cable cars with a glass bottom through the mountains and over a lake. It was so unbelievable even I couldn't stop taking pictures and I'm not even the normal picture taker!

Hong Kong/China differences according to our tour guide:

HK you drive on left, in China you drive in middle of the road, even though it's officially supposed to be the right.
HK you actually stop at stop light, in China it's just a suggestion.

If you need a toilet here, no need to ask, just follow your nose.

First time on the beach!

This was a maximum security prison in a gorgeous setting. We learned from our tour guide that they call it a Correctional institution, not prison. They are not prisoners, they are students.

Taking it all in.

The fishing village.

We went inside a temple at the fishing village.

Then we went to the Po Lin monestary with the Buddha temple. We went inside Buddha and came out Buddha's butt. The girls thought that was funny. It was the biggest statue I've ever seen! Buddha's ashes are inside the statue. It was a very sacred place for many people.

There was tons of insence offered to Buddha!

We ate a vegetarian meal right outside the monestary.

And then the cable car ride!!! It was 20 minutes of incredible!! I didn't get great pictures cause I was holding a sleeping Evie so Matt will have to share his pictures some other time.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Made it to Hong Kong!

We've begun our journey home! But first we are going to spend 2 nights in Hong Kong to be able to see what Hong Kong is like. We had a van drive us from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. It's interesting because the driver was from Hong Kong, so his steering wheel is on the right. In China, though, they drive on the right side, but when we crossed the border, he drove on the left side. I would have a hard time making the switch that quickly in my brain! Lu Lu slept a lot of the van ride, which made me hopeful for the airplane rides coming up that she will be able to sleep! Our hotel had a really nice pool area, so we let the girls swim most of the afternoon and just ate supper in our hotel. We are all pretty exhausted so a relaxing afternoon sounded good to us. Tomorrow we are going on a 5 hour tour. I am hoping the girls are up for it! It should be educational!
Evie is happiest when she has food in each hand!

The pool was very warm inside, so the girls loved it.

At the border crossing. It was a new experience for my girls to have to show their faces to the border patrol to prove who they were.