Waiting for sister #4!

Waiting for sister #4!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

LOVE being a mom to these two!

I am a beyond blessed momma for sure today on this Mother’s Day.  My amazing husband and two daughters are such an incredible blessing to me.  They are so sweet, beautiful, healthy, loving, and precious to me.

It was Sydney’s goal this year to make me feel as special as she could.  She has been planning this day for a long time with lists of fun things that she could do for me.  When I came down the stairs, she had a big sign that said, “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!  Today you will have tons of fun.  There will be surprises every here and there.  Me, daddy, and Callie will take care of you today.  Love, Sydney.”  

Then, I walked to the table to my hot cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera (yum) with flowers and cards and giant pictures that Matt had taken and printed on canvas of my two beauties.  When I was done eating, Sydney started the music so Matt and I could dance to princess music. :) Then, she had a bowl of hot water waiting for me in the kitchen to give me a pedicure.  She loves to do that!  Callie made her contribution to the pedicure by putting stickers on my big toes.  Pretty sweet!  They also had big pictures and other little things for me to make my day!  It has been such a beautiful day outside that we ate our lunch outside on a blanket.  We had grilled rosemary ranch chicken kabobs....one of my absolute favorite recipes ever!!!

Here is one of the things that Sydney wrote and put in my card:
M  y mom
O  wns me
M  ommy poo

L  oves me
O  n the go
R  uns a lot  (ha ha)
I  love her!

Stinkin’ cute, huh.

Matt and Sydney also wore special t-shirts to church today.  Matt’s said, “My Wife Rocks” and Sydney’s said, “Mommy Rocks, Daddy’s Right.”  Matt actually bought these t-shirts when Callie was a baby and Callie had a onesie that said the same thing Sydney’s did.  Callie’s doesn’t seem to fit any more though. :(  Matt actually wears that t-shirt quite a bit and he always gets lots of comments on it.  I happen to really like it!  Lol! :)

The Greatest T-shirts! :)
So, all of these blessings and this happiness, I shouldn’t feel any sadness, right?  It is so weird, because I love Mother’s Day for so many reasons, but on the other hand it is a hard day for me.  For one, it brings back the many painful Mother’s Days I have had when I longed so much to be a mother and couldn’t.  I spent many of Mother’s Days in tears because of that longing.  I can’t really explain it because it probably doesn’t make since to many people, but the pain of infertility never really goes away.  I have two beautiful children, so I shouldn’t have this pain any more, but I do and it’s real.  For those of you that are in the position that I was years ago, I have so much compassion for you and hurt for you too.  I pray that Jesus would be your comfort and fill your heart with so much of His love and strength.

Another reason this Mother’s Day is hard is because part of my heart is half way across the world.  Our little Emma is so far away sitting in an orphanage while I am here longing to hold her.  It has been such a long, slow process and it is so hard to sit back and just wait.  There is nothing I can do at this point but pray for paperwork to hurry up and be patient...not such an easy thing to do.  I know that God is in this and He will make it happen at the perfect time, so until then, He just has to hold my little Emma.  We love you so much, Emma, and are thinking about you all the time!!

So, there you have it!!  My amazingly wonderful Mother’s Day, mixed in with some pretty crazy emotion!

I have to add that I have THE GREATEST mom in the world!!  I feel bad that I can’t be with her on Mother’s Day, but I hope she feels our love.  She is the most nurturing and caring mom ever.  I love you!!

As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.    Isaiah 66:13